Monday, April 20, 2015

Please See Me

As we continue our journey to maintain High Reliability at MedStar Health, it is important to recognize one very important relationship-- one between a care provider and the patient. When we learn to partner together and appreciate each other for who we are-imperfect, multifaceted human beings-we move closer to becoming a true High Reliability Organization (HRO), and we can deliver on our commitment to provide the highest levels of quality and safety to our patients and our research participants.

In the video below, "Please See Me" highlights the perspectives of the most important communication dynamic in healthcare. I encourage all of you to watch this 3 minute video, and to keep the questions and comments posed both in mind, and add to the discussion on MedStar's YouTube page. Through patience, understanding and diligence, we can avoid missed opportunities and potential errors or issues that often are overlooked. We can take advantage of our humanity to aid each other in ways computer-based clinical decision tools and algorithms cannot. 

"Please See Me" also reflects on our promise to patients and research participants as care providers to engage in meaningful conversations so we better understand and honor their needs, values, preferences and goals. It showcases what we need to do, as caregivers and investigators, to achieve high reliability and deliver the highest levels of quality and safety throughout all aspects of healthcare.  

"Please See Me" embodies our vision as the trusted leader in caring for people and advancing health.

To view the video above...visit the link here:

Monday, April 6, 2015

An Exciting Week for MHRIs D2d Diabetes Study!

In recognition of Diabetes Alert Day, on Tuesday, MHRI had a chance to help bring awareness to diabetes by showcasing our D2d study on local news outlets. The D2d study is a nationwide diabetes study which evaluates if Vitamin D can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. MHRI currently has sites at our Hyattsville (MCCRC) MedStar Community Clinical Research Center and MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital. 

On Monday evening, Dr. Adline Ghazi, director of the diabetes program at MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital participated in a live in-studio interview at the ABC-TV studios in Baltimore. 

On Wednesday, an Emmy-winning journalist from ABC-TV in Washington, visited our MCCRC site to do a story with one of our D2d participants and with Twan Lindsay, PA, a sub-investigator on the study.

To learn more about the D2d study visit: and to see the news clips from this week, click the links below: 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Father - Son Connection to Japan

I often hear from readers of this  blog that you enjoy the 'personal' stories so here is one.....

This week, my son used his spring break to take part in Model UN which is an educational simulation in which students learn about international relations, diplomacy and how the UN works. Participants in Model UN conferences, referred to as delegates, are placed in committees and assigned countries to represent. They are presented with their assignments in advance, along with the topics that their committee will discuss. Delegates conduct research before conferences and formulate positions that they will then debate with their fellow delegates in committee. Well, my son's team was assigned Japan so the kids each worked on a different aspect. In the past few weeks, I heard about the results of research on Japanese micro-economics to watching him build Mt Fuji out of paper mache with a friend. 

Below is a picture of his classmates with their Japanese display on the first day of Model UN.

Now, you ask, why is this post titled 'Father-Son Connection'?  Well, as my son was in  NY representing Japan at Model UN, his father was actually in Japan (at the Japanese Society of Echocardiography) representing the United States (American Soc of Echo).  While I got to see a new city (Kitakyushu in the southern part of Japan), meet many nice people and try some new food (don't ask!), I am guessing he had a lot more fun than me and will remember the experience for the rest of his life.

Here is a picture of me with my 'friends'.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

MHRI Research Symposium: Showcasing Nursing Research

from the MedStar Washington Hospital Center e-Nurse newsletter:

Four MedStar Washington Hospital Center nursing posters were accepted for presentation in the MedStar category Nursing Research at the MedStar Health Annual Research Symposium, in Columbia, Md., on March 9. The symposium, in its fourth year, has continued to grow, with 120 posters presented and more than 450 people attending this year. Joe Selby, MD, executive director of the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute spoke about the potential of research in the community care environment.

Seema Hussein, RN; and Marie Turner, RN; with their
poster Improving surgical inpatient readiness.
The four MWHC posters were:

Improving surgical inpatient readiness. Seema Hussein, RN; Marie Turner, RN; Regina Clavelli-Morales, RN;  Rashida McDonald, RN; Virginia Brown-Gray, RN; Ariana Yitbarek, RN; Jane McGee RN;  and Shabnam Hafiz, MD; John Ricotta, MD; and  Bridget Olson-Wright, MS.

Sensory deprivation simulation exercise and nurse empathy. Liz Kmiecik, RN: Joanne Pritchett, RN; and Tabitha Evans.

Development of a neuro-intensive care unit. (Virtual) Charlie Sederstrom, RN.

Engaging unit leaders through daily rounding to drive quality care. Lucy Wilcox, RN; and Lee Hicks, RN.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

MHRI Goes Green for National Nutrition Month!

After going "RED" for heart health last month, we decided to go "GREEN" this month in honor of National Nutrition Month! We encouraged MHRI associates to recognize this month by getting a fresh start with healthy eating habits and to "think green"!

MHRI Associates at the Hyattsville office thought it would be appropriate to Go Green on St. Patrick's day with a potluck luncheon.

In keeping with our wellness theme, associates brought in healthy green lunch options like salad, grapes, avocado, boiled eggs (dyed-green), green juice, and even a green pistachio cake!

Feel free to share your "green" plates this month by emailing

Monday, March 16, 2015

Research Symposium: Building Philanthropic Relationships

Guest Blogger, Katie Coyle, Vice President of Philanthropy, Centers and Institutes, MedStar Health 

Philanthropy Committee Member and UMH Board Member,
Jim Paquette (center)
Following Monday evening’s very successful research symposium at the Columbia Sheraton, MHRI was delighted to host a philanthropy dinner for community leaders and philanthropists.  The purpose of the event was  to promote the idea that research efforts across MedStar Health are significant and require private funding. Nearly 40 guests from the Baltimore and Washington region joined Drs. Neil J. Weissman, Steve Evans, Dana Frank, Bill Oetgen, Mark Smith and David Mayer for a lively discussion about the scope of research across MedStar. 

Dr. Kenneth Means, Larry Kushner (Asst. VP of
Philanthropy for UMH and FSMC) and Chuck and
Sandy Goodman
Some guests were not aware that 1 in 5 people in the greater Washington metro area are treated at one of the MedStar Health facilities.  Dr. Evans stressed the importance of MedStar Health to serve this population through research.  Both Evans and Weissman reinforced the economic ramifications of healthcare costs.  Research is the key to the future of unraveling the mystery and burden of diseases like diabetes and heart failure, to name a few.  With a population as diverse as that in the Washington and Baltimore metro areas,  it is the responsibility and mission of MedStar Health to help better understand and treat these diseases. Those in attendance recognized that this will take a partnership with community members.

Monday’s philanthropy event was among the first organized effort to actively cultivate leaders and philanthropists around research activities across the system.  Follow up conversations, meetings and other strategic actions will continue over the next several months.  The goal is to partner with our community to support the important research efforts of MedStar Health.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday the 13th Meets Science

On this second Friday the 13th of three in 2015, you may be wondering how to escape the zombies. Fear not. Cornell graduate student Alex Alemi and others wrote a scientific paper, "You Can Run, You Can Hide: The Epidemiology and Statistical Mechanics of Zombies," that presents a "quantitative study of [a] full-scale U.S. outbreak, including the average susceptibility of different geographical regions." The paper notes that zombies are a growing field in academic research!

For the true scientists out there that want to learn more, you can see the paper and get more info at this Cornell University Library website.